Monday, July 13, 2009

Rancid's "Up to No Good" Video Shoot

Yesterday, Rancid came in on their day off tour to shoot the newest Rancid music video. The video is for one of the fan favorite songs from their album "Let the Dominoes Fall". Not only on this blog's poll, but from lots of fans and friends that we talk to, "Up to No Good" is their favorite song on the record.

Rancid wanted to shoot the new video on a skate ramp, and who better to destroy the thing than their good friend Tony Hawk. The Birdman, Kevin Staab, and Keaton Underhill literally skated circles around the band. Mini-ramp maniac Branden, and even Lars showed off their skills as well.
The energy was good all day and Rancid consider the shoot one of their best ever. The video is going to great. In fact, there is probably too much good footage to chose from!

I will post more pics from the shoot throughout the week. We will post the video @ . Also, checkout Tony Hawk's twitter for an extra pic.